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如何获得在 SharePoint 中保存 Video 并生成缩略图

如果你需要需要在 SharePoint Online 中,上传一个 视频资源,并在自己的定制页面中,引用这个视频,你可以通过如下方法进行操作。

1. Open the SharePoint site and click on “Site Content” on the left panel.

2. Click the “New” button at the top of the site content page and click “Applications” on the menu.

3. Type “Repository” in the search box and click the Asset Library application in the search results.

4. Enter the name of the new asset library and click the “Create” button.

5. Click on the new asset library you created and upload the video file.

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Dynamics 365: Three way to get organization unique name

We have three ways to get organization unique name in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

A. Just click on the top right corner of the user avatar, and right here (org64e4ed31).

B. Get it with PowerShell, At first, you need to download the Dynamics 365 SDK to local, and then Run the PowerShell as administrator, cd to the SDK folder, and run .\RegisterXRMTooling.ps1

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Xrm.Tooling.Connector
Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Xrm.Tooling.PackageDeployment

$Cred = Get-Credential
Get-CrmOrganizations -Credential $Cred -DeploymentRegion NorthAmerica –OnlineType Office365

C. Get it from the settings page of the Dynamics 365

Click Settings -> Customization -> Developer Resources -> Unique Name

Office Delve 初窥 – What is Office Delve?

在此鸣谢 Ted 对于资料的协助/整理。

1 什么是Delve

Office Delve (codename Oslo) 是由微软于2014年7月发布的Office 365的最新成员,它为Office 365用户提供了方便的搜索和邮件、会议、联系人、社交网络等管理功能,并通过用户的行为以及与内容、主题和联系人的关系生成一组分析结果。Delve在具体的实现中,应用了机器学习和人工智能技术,我们可以把它当做一个整合了Office 365各类数据信息源的商务智能搜索工具。同时,Office Delve也是第一款采用Office Graph技术的产品(Delve 背后的大脑就是 Office Graph,当我们通过Office 365工作时,Office Graph在后台会收集和分析用户发送的信息)。在2015年4月,微软为Office 365的订阅用户发布了移动版本(iPhone and Android)的Office Delve,目前还没有本地版本Office Delve的消息
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